Diane DiRoberto
Diane DiRoberto

Diane Di Roberto

Tae Kwon Dog breaks boulders with his bare paws, spins out of sight in thin air, empowers the weak and timid to face their fears, and makes bullies shake and run. Some call him a martial arts superhero, others think he possesses some magical power. But this once scruffy pup turned canine black belt knows his most awesome secret power isn't magical at all. And anybody can have it if they dare to believe. Do you dare?

Follow Tae Kwon Dog and check out his blog at www.taekwondogbooks.com. And stay tuned for his newest adventure for middle-grade readers coming Spring 2024.




Diane DiRoberto

- Wisdom of Confucius

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Each one of us has a particular way of seeing through the lens of a camera referred to as our photographic eye. The camera opens my eye to the small moments in life that might otherwise be overlooked or forgotten, and allows me to make photographs that show my view of the world.

In photography and writing, I strive to tell a story from my original perspective that others can relate to or be inspired by. My goal is to make a memorable impression that resonates in the mind and heart.